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Polestar Performance Tuning - Volvo of Mississauga
What is Polestar Performing Tuning?

Polestar is a factory authorized software accessory that adds up to 30hp, and up to 59lbs-ft. of torque to your turbocharged Volvo. It is available for many models, as far back as 2006.

Starting from just $1,295* installed, Polestar performance software is a warranty approved accessory that retains the original driveability and fuel consumption ratings on your Volvo. It’s a modern, cost effective and sophisticated way to add additional power and performance to your turbocharged Volvo.

Volvo’s partners at Polestar have been optimizing Volvo cars for competition and racing circuits since 1996, and now they are making this technology available for you, the consumer!

Polestar Performance gives your Volvo more performance

You no longer need to take risks with ‘chip tuning’ to achieve an enhanced driving experience. On an S60 T6 AWD and XC60 T6 AWD expect to see 0-60mph acceleration times drop by an impressive 0.3 seconds! By enhancing boost pressure, and reworking computer mapping, Polestar software increases power output by up to 30hp, and torque by up to 59lbs-ft! It optimizes the power output towards the engine mid-range which is right where you need it the most.

Fuel consumption and the environment

A Volvo upgraded with Polestar Performance Software has the same certified fuel consumption as the standard version.


Fast and easy to install at your Volvo dealer

Polestar Performance Software can be installed by your local Volvo dealer. There is no need for the user to purchase additional hardware OR to ship your Volvo’s ECU to be programmed offsite. Unlike other aftermarket ‘tunes’, Polestar is not erased or re-programmed during software updates performed as part of normal routine servicing.

Durability and Convenience

Unlike other ‘chip’ tuning, Volvo Polestar is fully supported by Volvo’s factory warranty and can be installed by your Volvo retailer in minutes. There is no down time for your car, and it can be installed during a regular servicing appointment!

Key Benefits

There is no additional hardware to purchase for installation. Installation is performed by your local dealer in minutes.

Polestar works with all the components on your Volvo. Unlike aftermarket ‘tunes’ there are no requirements to upgrade the exhaust components or other driveline components to ensure suitability.

Polestar performance software adds value to your vehicle; value which can be realized during trade in OR sale in future.

Polestar works with all the software in your car. Unlike aftermarket tunes, routine software upgrades during servicing will not erase the tune.

Polestar is certified for everyday street use. Many aftermarket ‘tunes’ have provisos which state that they are not certified for street use.







2011 and Newer S60 T6 AWD


Risk Free Trial

Not only does Polestar perfectly mesh will all the systems on your Volvo, we are so confident that you will love the way it changes your Volvo, that we will allow you to try it, risk free for 14 days. Simply have it installed, and if you don’t love the improved power and performance, simply return to your Volvo retailer within 14 days to have it removed and get a full refund.

*Plus applicable taxes

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