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Accessories for Your S60


Add style and practicality with Genuine Volvo Accessories. Volvo Accessories are designed to work with your car, are covered by your new car warranty, and have been tested to ensure the highest quality. Accept no substitutes, use only Genuine Volvo Accessories for your Volvo.




Accessories for S60 - Volvo of Mississauga

Polestar Performance Software


Polestar Software helps you get more enjoyment from your Volvo. The car will be even more responsive and fun to drive while providing greater certainty in situations where extra performance is needed, for example when passing or merging onto traffic. Available for the T6, power is increased to 325bhp and torque to 354 ft. lbs.


The increased engine performance kicks in when it is needed most; when passing, going up long hills, which gives an increase in safety as better acceleration, reduces the time it takes to make a maneuver. Polestar will not impact the certified fuel economy or the emissions ratings. Standard on the S60 R Design.




Accessories for S60 - Volvo of Mississauga

Volvo Integrated Factory Navigation


The RTI system is fully integrated in the car and has a 7" screen. Voice control and easy-to-use buttons on the steering wheel help prevent the driver from being distracted whilst driving. The navigation system and TMC (Traffic Message Channel) makes driving easier and gives you traffic traffic information. When the RTI system is installed, the Bluetooth Handsfree system adds voice control.


To avoid roadwork, accidents or other traffic incidents, use TMC (Traffic Message Channel) for suggestions of alternative routes. 





Accessories for S60 - Volvo of Mississauga

Portable Garmin 3490 Navigation System 


Volvo's portable navigation device has a thin design with 4.3" multi-touch screen and has a Volvo Unique Holder and software. The device comes has improved voice recognition, Junction View with Photoreal and Birdseye view, 3D buildings¹, EcoRoute, show speed cameras and can be supplemented with Traffic Message Channel 










Accessories for S60 - Volvo of Mississauga

Rubber Passenger Compartment Mats


A fully covering floor mat of sturdy natural rubber, with raised edges all around. The mat gives effective protection for the car's interior against the wet and dirt. The material is rugged and designed in a pattern with soft edges and radii. The driver's mat has a comfortable textile foot plate that protects the shoes from wear. Both the mat's colour and shape are matched to make it seem integrated with the car's interior.


The mat is easy to install and seals tight against the floor. It is fixed with integrated clips through leak-protected









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