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Accessories for XC60

 Add style and practicality with Genuine Volvo Accessories. Volvo Accessories are designed to work with your car, are covered by your new car warranty, and have been tested to ensure the highest quality. Accept no substitutes, use only Genuine Volvo Accessories for your Volvo.  






Accessories for XC60

XC60 Towbar and Wiring


A Genuine Towbar made to fit in pre-fabricated holes in the chassis. Full integration with all vehicle electrics and fully crash tested. Take advantage of the XC60's 3500 lbs. towing capacity with a Genuine Volvo hitch kit.


Facts and advantages


Thoroughly tested both in the laboratory and on the test track to fulfill Volvo's strict requirements for quality and durability


Surface treated in several stages for the best corrosion resistance


The safety cable anchorage is clearly located and easily accessible


The ball section is easy to remove with the towbar is not in use





Accessories for XC60

XC60 Load Bars


A practical transport system for loads on the car roof. The load carriers consist of two robust, galvanized and plastic covered steel profiles.

The load carrier base is easily secured on the integrated rail profile with the help of the supplied torque wrench. An impact resistant, black plastic cover encloses the base while a rubber grip around the rail profile prevents marking.



Easy and ergonomic assembly of the load carriers using a torque wrench for fastening on the rail profile


Complete kit with front and rear load carriers including torque wrench


All load carrier accessories fit 







Accessories for XC60

Running Boards


Using this Running board you significantly heighten the appearance of the car and the Cross Country feel. At the same time obtaining a well-integrated board to stand on when getting in and out of the vehicle and when loading the roof.


The running board consists of an exclusive aluminum plate with anti-slip rubber that forms a well-designed pattern. This is all framed by a plastic panel that replaces the car's regular sill panels. The Running board is modeled to be wide where needed, from the middle and backward and narrower at the front, to minimize the risk of dirty trousers when getting in and out through the front doors.









Accessories for XC60

Protective mat for the cargo space


A plastic protective mat coated with a layer of friction-increasing material rubber to prevent the load from sliding around. Its raised edges effectively prevent dirt and water from leaking out into the cargo compartment.


Facts and advantages

Shaped to fit the cargo space floor

Easy to position and remove from the car for cleaning

Anti-slip treatment

The mat allows access to the load-lashing loops

Foldable with two folding lines, making it possible to be used with bag holder










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