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City Safety

City Safety and Some Accident research


  • City Safety is a Volvo Car Corporation developed low-speed, auto brake technology that helps avoid or reduce the consequences of an accident. It is standard equipment on all XC60s and S60s and is now standard on all 2013 S80s and XC70s
  • Volvo is the first manufacturer in the world to offer this type of feature as standard.
  • It helps drivers avoid collisions at low speeds, as can happen in heavy city traffic.
  • In light of the fact that 75% of all collisions occur at speeds of less than 16 km/h and that 50% of these occur in city traffic situations, City Safety is an important step forward in helping prevent numerous accidents.
  • Volvo estimates that City Safety could prevent up to 50% of all rear-end collisions.

What is the benefit?


Under normal driving conditions, the feature is transparent to the driver and there are no settings to change. City Safety may help drivers avoid rear-end collisions, and prevent whiplash-type injuries to passengers in the car ahead, as well. City Safety may reduce the cost of ownership due to reduced insurance rates and lower repair costs. Drivers concerned about distractions now have another dimension of driving assistance with City Safety. Note: all listed speeds are approximate and can change with weather and road surface conditions.


A recent study from the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) suggested that since the introduction of City Safety on the 2010 XC60, that the technology is having a significant rear world impact. After studying thousands of insurance claims in multiple states with multiple competitive cars, their findings, published in a June 2011 study determined the following:






              An XC60 with City Safety is 27% less likely to be involved in a property damage claim


               An XC60 with City Safety is 22% less likely to be involved in a collision claim.


                                      XC60's with City Safety file 51% fewer personal injury claims







This is significant as 57% of vehicles that were involved in a property damage claim were the result of hitting another vehicle from the rear. On the contrast, 48% of collisions are frontal impacts- ones which may not necessarily involve another vehicle. These are collisions in which another vehicle may not have been involved, and as such is a limitation of City Safety.



  • City Safety supports the driver in avoiding accidents; it may stop the vehicle and prevent collisions occurring at speeds less than 15 km/h and may mitigate damage from collisions occurring at approximate relative speeds between 15 and 50 km/h.
  • City Safety uses a laser sensor that monitors an area approximately 18 ft. directly in front of the vehicle and internal electronics to calculate data to determine appropriate action.
  • The feature is programmed to respond if the car in front is either at a standstill or is moving more slowly in the same direction as the car itself.
  • if City Safety determines a collision is unavoidable and the driver does not respond, it activates the vehicle's brakes and switches off the throttle.
  • If the relative speed between the two vehicles is 15 km/h or less, a collision may be avoided completely.
  • If the relative speed is above 15 and 50 km/h, the consequences of the collision may be reduced considerably.
  • When City Safety applies the brakes, the brake lights are illuminated.
  • In cases where City Safety has stopped the vehicle, it will then release the brakes and the driver must apply the brakes to keep the vehicle at a standstill.
  • City Safety is always on at start-up and can be deactivated via the "Car Settings" menu.
  • It does not respond to oncoming traffic.
  • The driver can override City Safety by aggressively steering, accelerating, or braking.
  • City Safety's performance is not affected by darkness or light, but may be affected by weather conditions such as heavy rain, fog, or snow.
  • The windshield needs to be clean and should remain free of any flags or decals. 






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