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Getting to know your New Volvo

Welcome to the Owners´ Information pages.


The real excitement begins when you own a Volvo. This section will make your Volvo experience even more rewarding. Videos and downloads will show you how to get the most out of your Volvo's features. 

 Volvo Sensus Operation Videos


Click here for videos for more information on your new Volvo, its operation, and the features that make your Volvo a Volvo.


Download the Sensus Seven Quick Start Guide here.


Below is a Quick Start Guide for Volvo 'Sensus'.


Sensus is at the heart of most every new Volvo. It is an an interactive display that allows a vast amount of customization so that you can set up your Volvo to perform and behave how you want. View the videos, refer to the guides and owners manuals, OR ask on of our sales staff for more information. Get the most out of your Volvo by using 'Sensus' to fine tune your car to your preferences.




Getting to know your New Volvo


Getting to know your New Volvo

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